Lincolns are known for their excellent wool and gentle demeanor. Their calm easy going manner makes them ideal starter flocks. It has been said that Lincoln Longwools have proven to be a most valuable breed in the history of sheep genetics.

Some characteristics of Lincolns

  • Lustrous Fleece
  • Muscular, Sturdy body
  • Adaptable to any environment
  • Good milk production
  • Attentive mothers
  • Multiple births
  • Calm, gentle dispositions
  • Outstanding for crossbreeding
  • Strong, Long Lasting teeth
  • Excellent feet, rot resistant
  • Not scrapie infected
  • Long productive lives



Lincolns produce a heavy fleece that is long, coarse and ideal for spinning. The staple length in Lincolns is among the longest of all breeds ranging from 8-15 inches in a year. They are capable of producing a fleece that is 10-20 pounds with a yield of 55-70%. The fiber diameter of Lincoln wool is typically between 34-41 microns.

Wool from a Lincoln can vary in color, ranging from pure white, grey/slivery, or black. Usually a naturally colored Lincoln will be darker on the shoulders and lighten up in color on the back.

For more information visit National Lincoln Sheep Breeders Association website